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50+ FAQs about Phillips BT3211/15 Beard Trimmer

Phillips BT3211 Beard Trimmer

So, this article is gonna little bit longer for you as it contains questions and answers. I’ve put enough possible efforts to cover the FAQs about the Phillips BT3211/15 beard trimmer. As the number of questions I’m going to cover in this article are nearly 50, I’ve distributed them into a sections give you a better topic-related information. So, without wasting time, let’s get started. But, before I jump in, you should know that this Phillips trimmer is one of the best trimmers for men to buy in India. You can read the full review of this trimmer to get an idea of what to expect.

Topic-specific FAQs about Phillips BT3211/15 trimmer

Phillips BT3211/15 Beard Trimmer for Men.
  1. Most important
  2. Specifications
  3. Accessories
  4. Design-related
  5. Blades of trimmer
  6. Battery and charging

1. FAQs: Most important

Is this trimmer made in china?

No, this Phillips BT3211 trimmer is not made in china. It’s made in Indonesia.

Is the head detachable for wash?

Yes, the head of this trimmer is easily detachable for full wash.

Can we use this trimmer for both wet and dry skin?

Yes, we can.

Is this machine noisy?

During beard cut, this Phillips trimmer was below-average louder like Braun MGK3221 and MGK3021. I have not tested it for haircut because of not enough length settings. But, I found it noisier than Groomiist PT-222.

How much time does this trimmer takes to charge for a quick use for beard?

Based on my several trials, I found this Phillips BT3211 trimmer need to be charged for at least 5 minutes for a complete smooth beard cut with 0mm length settings.

Is this device safe to be use on any skin?

The stainless steel blades equipped on this trimmer are skin-friendly and hypo-allergenic. So, it don’t create any kind of irritation after a haircut. Still, for a very sensitive skin, I don’t recommend it.

Is its usage produce skin irritation?

No, you won’t feel the single skin irritation as the self-sharpening stainless steel blades that are equipped on this trimmer are skin-friendly and have a rounded tip. The rounded tip will ensures the full smooth contact with a body skin.

Is the corded use possible?

Yes, this device offers a versatile use.

Does this Phillips BT3211 hair and beard trimmer pulls hair during haircut?

No, definitely not. The stainless steel blades are so sharp to trim your hair first. In addition to that, the blades are self-sharpening which means you gonna feel the same trimming efficiency and effectiveness after over 3 years you felt during the first use.

Where to buy this machine at a reasonable price?

You can get this machine on Amazon India at a reasonable price.

Does this machine has an integrated vacuum?

No, this machine has no integrated vacuum. So, it can’t suck the cut hair.

Is it safe for women to use?

This trimmer is for men as it’s made for beard cut. And, in no way this machine is designed for women.

2. FAQs: Specifications

How many adjustable length settings are available on this Phillips trimmer?

There are 20 adjustable length settings up to 10mm on this trimmer.

What’s the material of the outer body of this trimmer?

The outer body of this Phillips BT3211/15 is made of all-plastic. The plastic material used in this device is found to be more durable to resits the shock up to 1 meter.

How much heavy this trimmer is?

This trimmer is so lightweight even with a battery. So, not much heavy to hold it continuously for more than an hour.

Should I oil this Phillips machine?

No, this machine don’t need to be oiled. It’s maintenance-free.

3. FAQs: Accessories

How many combs come with this trimmer?

No combs come with this trimmer. This Phillips trimmer has integrated adjustable length settings. However, there’s one comb attached with machine, which is also removable. But, no length is assigned to it.

Does nose and ear trimmer head comes with it?

No, this trimmer doesn’t come with a nose and ear trimmer head. And that prevents it from becoming an all-in-one device.

Are the combs have an adjustable lengths?

This trimmer comes with no combs.

Is the brush come with it?

Yes, the brush does come with this device to clean it properly.

Is the oil come with this trimmer for cleaning operations?

Yes, it does come with this machine in a tiny bottle.

4. FAQs: Design

Does this Phillips BT3211/15 trimmer feels heavy to hold for more than an hour?

No, this machine doesn’t feel heavy. It’s way lightweight to hold for a long time.

Is it ergonomic design?

Yes, this Phillips trimmer is so ergonomic. It’s much more comfortable to hold it.

Is the outer surface of this trimmer so plain to slip easily from the hand?

No, the outer surface won’t slip easily from your hand. It has also a rough surface on two sides that will let you hold very precisely for good cut.

How much comfortable to hold this machine in a hand?

All I can say that I don’t have to hold it tightly to stop it from slipping. And, that’s because of its rough surface. In terms of ratings out of 5, I give this machine a 5 ratings in terms of comfortability.

Does this trimmer look premium?

No, this trimmer doesn’t look premium at any corner. It lacks many features which makes it an average lucrative device.

5. FAQs: Blades

Which blades are equipped in this trimmer?

This Phillips hair and beard trimmer has a self-sharpening stainless steel blades.

Do the blades of this trimmer lose its sharpness over time?

No, the blades are self-sharpening, which means you gonna get the same sharpness after 3 years you got during the first use.

Do the blades get heated much when used for more than an hour?

The blades feel little bit heated when used for more than an hour. That’s because of the material. The blades are made of rust-free stainless steel which is a metal. And, a metal gets heated early. The only solution for heat problem is to buy a trimmer with a ceramic blade. For that, you can go for Groomiist PT-222 hair and beard trimmer.

Are the blades of this trimmer skin-friendly?

Yes, the blades quipped in this trimmer are skin-friendly. They have a rounded tips that ensure a smooth contact with skin. And, they are also hypo-allergenic.

Are the blades washable instantly after use?

Yes, they are washable as the head of this device is easily detachable.

Are blades of this Phillips trimmer hypo-allergenic?

Yes, it is.

6. FAQs: Battery and charging

Which battery is equipped in this trimmer?

The Ni-MH battery is fitted on this machine to power the performance.

How many batteries this device needs for a smooth run?

Just 1 battery needed for a smooth run.

Are the batteries rechargeable?

Yes, the battery come with this machine is rechargeable.

How much time this trimmer takes to get fully-charged?

It takes almost 1.5 hours to get fully-charged, which is pretty less.

Is the battery status indicator available on this machine?

Yes, this Phillips BT3211 trimmer has an LED light, which indicates three statuses of battery: Empty, Low, and Full.

Is the charging indicator present?

Yes, the charging LED indicator is there on this Phillips trimmer.

Is the battery easily removable?

No, the battery is integrated with the machine and isn’t removable.

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