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Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Beard and Hair Trimmer Review

Hello, guys. Today, in this article, I’m gonna review the Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B hair and beard trimmer in detail. I’m gonna dig every corner to extract all the pros and cons to give you an idea of what to expect from this popular trimmer. So, stay tuned till the end. It’s really one of the best all-in-one trimmers for men. Also, don’t forget to look at our dedicated article on trimmer buying guide.


Corners we’ve looked to review

  1. Key specifications
  2. Accessories comes with it
  3. Ergonomic design
  4. Haircut experience
  5. Versatility in uses
  6. Final thoughts
  7. 50+ FAQs
Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Trimmer for men.
Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B Trimmer for men.

1. Key specifications

Blades:Self-sharpening Stainless steel blade
Run time:40 minutes
Time for full charge:12 hours
Length settings:13 length settings up to 18mm.
For:Beard and hair only.
Ideal for:Men
Dimensions:4.8 x 4.3 x 15.9 cm
Weight:124 grams

Where to buy?

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Accessories come with Panasonic ER207WK trimmer.
Accessories come with this trimmer.

2. Accessories come with it

This Panasonic ER207WK trimmer doesn’t come with more accessories. Still, it provides more flexibility during the haircut and beard cut. The accessories come with it are as following.

  • A 1.2v charger
  • An oil bottle, and
  • A brush

Unlike other trimmers, No combs are coming with this trimmer as the length settings are adjustable up to 18mm on the trimmer itself. This is pretty good. I mean, Panasonic is giving you a device in which you don’t have to take care of any combs. In other trimmers I’ve reviewed like Phillips MG3720/13, Braun MGK3221, Groomiist PT-222, and many more, you will get many combs of either fixed or adjustable lengths. Anyway, having no combs are not its downside as the length settings are adjustable from the device itself. What surprised me here is that no other trimmers that I’ve tested till now have adjustable length settings integrated.

Panasonic trimmer with detached head.
Panasonic trimmer with detached head.

When it comes to the head, it’s easily detachable. The main purpose for the detachable head in this trimmer is nothing other than the complete wash of blades. Again, I surprised because the trimmers like Groomiist PT-222 and SST-786E, you won’t get a detachable head despite no support for the nose and ear trimmer head. The nose and ear trimmer head also not coming with this Panasonic ER-207-W. Still, it has a detachable head. At SimpleCare India, we upvote a trimmer for having a detachable head.

Charger of this Panasonic ER207WK trimmer.

This device supports corded-use. But, that’s not limited. It also supports for cordless use. For that, it comes with a removable battery. And, it needs to be recharged after use. So, this trimmer comes with 1.2v slow charger. In addition to that, the charger doesn’t have a USB cable. Also, the 1.8 meters long power cord isn’t detachable from the charger. But, that’s not a problem here. Furthermore, Panasonic has also packed an oil bottle and a tiny brush to clean the blades. It is recommended that you clean it after each use to eliminates the possibilities of infection. Okay. Let’s head over to test the ergonomics of this trimmer.

3. Ergonomic design

The whole body of this trimmer is made of all-plastic. The design is although not premium, but it is much ergonomic to hold. If you need a premium-design trimmer, the Groomiist PT-222 will be a better option. If you look close to the trimmer, you will find that the head has a plain surface whereas the rest of the outer body feels a little bit rough. At SimpleCare, we recommend a rough surface as it ensures the precise holding of a trimmer during a hair or a beard cut.

Ergonomic design of this Hair and beard trimmer.
Ergonomic design of this Hair and beard trimmer.

Furthermore, this trimmer has a smooth V-notch that sets the boundary for you. However, the notches are not as good as you will get in Groomiist SST-786E trimmer. The dimensions of this trimmer are 4.8 cm in width, 4.3 cm in breadth, and 15.9 cm in height. And, the weight with the battery is 124 grams. One thing I forgot to mention here is about the heat absorption of this device. As the device is made of plastic, it absorbs the heat emitted by the motor placed inside the machine. So, you never get frustrated because of the heating problem.

4. Hair and beard cut experience

As I’ve said earlier, this trimmer comes with integrated adjustable length settings instead of combs of static or adjustable lengths. It doesn’t come with a nose and ear hair trimmer. So, in this section, I’m gonna show you my experience on beard cut first, followed by a haircut. Before I start, let me tell you that the blades of this trimmer are made of stainless steel. Stainless steel is a material which resists the corrosion almost completely, hard to break, and remain sharp if fitted so. So, let’s jump in the beard cut.

Beard cut experience

This trimmer has 13 integrated adjustable length settings that leave length up to 18mm. So, I’ve selected 1mm and 3mm for the beard cut. It doesn’t matter which trimmer you buy, after the beard or haircut, your face gonna look almost the same provided that you’ve used the same length setting in a new trimmer. So, in my dedicated article on the trimmer buying guide, I’ve shown images of beard and head haircuts using different combs. What makes a trimmer different are battery charging time, run time, variety of adjustable length settings, premium look and many more.

Panasonic ER-207-WK trimmer with a guard.

During beard cut, I found this trimmer average noisy. It wasn’t silent like Groomiist PT-222, Braun MGK3021, and MGK3221 trimmers. After a beard cut, the stainless steel blades got heated, and that is common in all trimmers with SS blades. In addition to that, they are so sharp that finished the beard cut without pulling-off a single hair. And, that’s the quality expected in the trimmer. Also, the blades got rounded-tip to ensure smooth contact with skin. And, as being hypo-allergenic, this trimmer is pretty skin-friendly.

Furthermore, this trimmer doesn’t suck hair as it has no integrated vacuum. That’s what prevented me from it a premium device. We need a device that solves the problem instead of just looks good or premium. After a beard cut, I had a lot of work (To collect the scattered cut hair :)) to do.

Haircut experience

For a haircut, I’ve used 9mm and 12mm lengths. During the haircut, this trimmer has remained pretty smooth, not pulled-off my single hair, not get heated, and remained a little bit above-average silent. However, I found this Panasonic ER-207-WK device more silent compared to beard cut.

Panasonic ER-207-WK trimmer with removed guard.

The stainless steel blades of this trimmer are also self-sharpening. You will find the same sharpness you felt at the time of first use. Last, As this trimmer doesn’t come with nose and ear trimmer, I have to head over to review its versatile use.

5. Versatility in use

Is this Panasonic ER-207-WK trimmer offers a versatile use? The simple-and-direct answer is Yes. Its Li-Po battery will last for 40 minutes after a full charge in 12 hours. It’s really awkward that this trimmer takes too much time to recharge and gives almost less than 10% in return. But you don’t have to worry. This trimmer also supports corded-use. So, you can use it even if the battery dies. It is to note that it has an LED indicator for charging status.

Corded and Cordless use of Panasonic ER-207-WK hair and beard trimmer.

At SimpleCare, our first recommendation always goes to the trimmer that offers versatile use. However, it’s up to you at last. If you’re a barber and need to use it all-the-day, this machine is not dedicated to you. You should consider buying Groomiist SST-786E one. The SST-786E gives a continuous powerful performance as it supports only corded-use. If length settings are not much important for you and you’re also not gonna use it all-the-day, then Groomiist PT-222 would be best for you.

The main benefit of a cordless trimmer is freedom of use. And the same for corded-use trimmer is a continuous performance. And, both qualities are in this Panasonic trimmer. Is it coincident?

6. Final thoughts

This Panasonic ER-207-WK-44B is the best cheap versatile use trimmer for men. It is ergonomic and has a little bit of rough surface to hold it precisely. It has adjustable length settings up to 18mm. It doesn’t come with any combs although it’s not required even. The easily detachable head of this trimmer allows you to wash the blades, and head without damaging a device. The one disappointing thing is its long time to recharge the battery. And, also a low return results. The stainless steel blades of this trimmer are self-sharpening and hard enough. Also, they are rust-free. Furthermore, the trimmer comes at a very reasonable rate compared to other trimmers in the Indian market. The nose and ear trimmer head is not coming with it. But, that’s not useful in all cases. All things are considered, I’ve rated this trimmer 4.7 out of 10.

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