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Phillips Series 3000 7-in-1 Multi Grooming Kit Review

Hello, guys. Today, in this article, I’m gonna review the Phillips 3000 series 7-in-1 multi grooming kit in detail. I’m gonna dig every corner to extract all the pros and cons to give you an idea of what to expect from this popular trimmer. So, stay tuned till the end. It’s really the best all-in-one trimmer and got 1st place on our article – best trimmer for men. Also, don’t forget to look at our dedicated article on trimmer buying guide.


Corners we’ve looked to review

  1. Key specifications
  2. Accessories comes with it
  3. Ergonomic design
  4. Haircut experience
  5. Versatility in uses
  6. Final thoughts
  7. 50+ FAQs
Phillips MG3720/13 all-in-one trimmer.
Phillips MG3720/13 all-in-one trimmer.

1. Key specifications

Blades:Self-sharpening stainless steel blades
Run time:1 hour
Time for full charge:16 hours
Use:Cordless only
Length settings:9mm Max.
For:Beard, head, nose, and ear haircut only.

Where to buy?

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Combs of different length for beard, hair, and nose and ear.
Combs in the box with a trimmer.

2. Accessories comes with it

This Phillip 3000 series trimmer does come with 6 other tool to make a perfect grooming kit. The accessories includes the following things in the box.

  • 2 Stubble combs of 1mm and 2mm length
  • 1 Hair comb of 9mm length
  • 2 Beard comb of 3mm and 5mm length
  • A nose and ear trimmer attachment
  • A brush, and
  • A 1.8v charger
0mm beard cut using Phillips 3000 series trimmer.
0mm beard cut using Phillips 3000 series trimmer.
3mm beard cut using this Phillips MG3270/13 Trimer.
3mm beard cut using this Phillips Trimer.
9mm haircut using this Phillips trimmer.
9mm haircut using this Phillips trimmer.
Nose haircut using this Phillips trimmer.
Nose haircut using this Phillips trimmer.

Here, the no combs have adjustment length settings. So, they are coming with a fixed size. It’s bit weird that Phillips has put quite less length settings. You might have a question how to identify the size? Well, it’s been written on front side of each combo. A hair comb has a black colour while other combos have a little light grey colour. The brush is provided to clean the blades for a quick use.

Detachable head of Phillips MG3217/13 trimmer for better and complete wash of blades.
Detachable head of this trimmer.

However, the head of this MG3720/13 Phillips trimmer is detachable. So, you can make a complete wash of blades. Surprisingly, this trimmer can go with both wet and dry skin. The box is quite simple.

3. Ergonomic design

Phillips MG3720/13 trimmer on the hand.
Phillips MG3720/13 trimmer on the hand.

This trimmer is made of all-plastic from its outer body. It just weighs 430 grams which is too less. Its lightweight because of a plastic body. The design is so ergonomic. I really felt much more comfortable while holding it for a long time. It make sense that you won’t get frustrated with it after one hour at least. The body doesn’t let your finger to slip. And, for the better haircut, the place where you gonna put your thumb is too uneven, it’s not plain. That will ensure the precise holding of trimmer.

And, I also don’t recommend a trimmer which body is all-plain. Furthermore, the thickness of this Phillip trimmer is average to fit in the hand. According to me, it’s really the best trimmer for men.

4. Haircut experience

As this men trimmer is coming with 4 kind of different accessories, it opens the way for all possible use. This trimmer can be used for beard, head, nose, and ear haircut. So, I’m gonna cover each part in detail. First, let me start with beard haircut. Before I starts, keep in mind this trimmer has a stainless steel blades. And a SS blades are known for its long-time durability. In addition to that, the blades are self-sharpening which tell you that they will remain as sharp after 3+ years as they were on the first time of use.

Beard trimmer experience

For beard haircut, you need either any one of stubble combs of 1mm or 2mm length, or a beard combs of 3mm or 5mm length. I’ve checked every combs to give you an idea of what to expect. It doesn’t matter what kind of comb I use when it comes to the length of hair after haircut. So, I’m not gonna attach any haircut images here in this article. In my dedicated article on the trimmer buying guide, I’ve shown images of beard and head haircuts using different combs.

Beard cut with Phillips series 3000 all-in-one trimmer.

During the beard haircut, this trimmer went little bit above-average noisy. As I’ve tested it after the full 16 hours of charging, I found it pretty smooth. It has trimmed my hair instead of pulling. With this Phillips 3000 series trimmer, I’ve no memory of pain due to pulled hair while beard haircut. Okay, let’s head to the head haircut.

Hair comb experience

As this Phillips trimmer has only one hair comb of 9mm length, you’re left with no other style. I recommend going to barber ship instead using this trimmer. If I talk to the haircut experience, I found this trimmer quite smooth. I’ve used this one after the beard haircut. But, this device much noisy at that time. It is to accept that we might not be doing any kind of serious business work during a haircut that gets disturbed because of a noise emitted by a trimmer. But, my point is that the machine should loud up to average limit.

One important thing I forgot to mention in the above paragraph. This trimmer has really not pulled my single hair. I am making clear that my hair were long (not longer than woman hair 🙂 ) at the time of reviewing this item.

Nose and ear haircut experience

This trimmer is good for nose and ear haircut as it has a detachable combo for this specific operation. My experience was quite good with one as this machine was remained average loud and most importantly, had trimmed my hair instead of pulling it.

5. Versatility in use

Is this Phillips series 3000 7-in-1 trimmer is versatile to use? The simple and a direct answer is NO. For the smooth and better use, it must be fully charged or at least have a charging for a quick smooth use. It’s really pretty awkward that this trimmer has no support for corded use.

Phillips MG3217/13 Trimmer plugged-in for the charging.

The versatile use of this Phillips trimmer makes it more flexible in use. It’s a device for travellers, not for a barber who uses it all-the-day. In addition to that, the cordless use invites the more freedom of movement during haircut. But, that doesn’t mean the corded-use trimmer are far behind. Nowadays, a corded-use devices are coming with almost 3 meters long cable to supply an electricity while ensuring a good freedom of movement during a haircut.

6. Final thoughts

This Phillips 3000 is an all-in-one trimmer for men to buy in India. Its uses is not limited to beard, but extended for hair, and even for nose and ear. Its 1AAA battery lasts for 1 hour after giving a full smooth and better haircut. That’s pretty good. What bad is its battery needs a charging for almost 16 hours that’s a quite long time. The rough surface ensure this device won’t slip from your hand. Its not versatile use device and that’s a point to downvote. The head is detachable for better and a complete wash. The stainless steel blades are self-sharpening and have a rounded tip to make a skin-friendly contact. Overall, I have given 4.3 ratings out of 5 to this all-in-one trimmer.

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