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Best Beard Trimmer with Titanium Blades for Men

Hello, guys. So, in this article, I am gonna discuss about the trimmers that come with titanium blades. Generally, beard trimmers come with stainless steel blades. And, you can get them at a very cheap price. But, the problem with stainless steel blades is they get heated very soon. For example, many trimmers under Rs 1000 price get heated within 15 minutes of continuous use. And, the same also applies to the trimmers with a little higher prices. And, the blades’ heating makes you uncomfortable while using the trimmer.

In addition to that, despite the blades have rounded tips, they will cause a little bit of irritation. So, to get rid of such problems, manufacturers have started to equip titanium blades in the trimmer. Mostly, these blades are equipped with ceramic blades. In most of the trimmer with titanium blades, you will find titanium ones as a fixed and ceramic as moving. And, such combination of blades not only minimize the heating but also increase the strength. And, we know that titanium is more harder to break and rust-free than stainless steel. The only downside is that the price will increase considerably.

So, let’s get started. But, before I jump in, I recommend you to read our dedicated trimmer buying guide to get an idea about the trimmer and its specs. Trimmer is simply a personal care appliance used for hair trimming.

Here are the best trimmer with titanium blades for men

TrimmerUseful forBladesWays of useMax length settingsRun timeWhere to buy?
Hatteker Men’s Beard TrimmerBeard and hairTitanium blades (fixed) + Ceramic blades (moving)Corded and Cordless5 adjustable. 24mm max.2 hoursBuy on Amazon
Groomiist PT-222 TrimmerBeard and head haircutTitanium blades (fixed) + Ceramic blades (moving)Cordless4 adjustable. Up to 12mm5 hoursBuy on Amazon

List of the best trimmers with titanium blades

  1. Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer and Hair Clipper
  2. Groomiist PT-222 Beard Trimmer

1. Hatteker Men’s Beard Trimmer and Hair Clipper

Best premium design cheap hair cutter and beard trimmer.

Hatteker Men’s Grooming Kit with titanium blades.
Hatteker Men’s Grooming Kit. (Image Credit: Hatteker)


Use: Corded and Cordless. Run time: 120 minutes cordless after a full charge. Battery: 2 Non-removable (600mAh each) Li-ion battery. Takes 120 minutes for a full charge by 5V charger. 3 minutes of charging time for quick cordless use. Length settings: 24mm Max. 5 adjustable length settings. It comes with 6 combs of 3mm, 4-6mm, 7-9mm, 10-12mm, 16-18mm, and 22-24mm trimming lengths. Ideal for: Men. Usable for beard and hair cut only. Blades: Titanium blades (fixed) + Ceramic blades (moving). Weight: Lightweight. Water resistance: Yes 100%. Status Indicators: An LCD panel for battery status and charging indicator.


  • Silent
  • Pretty less vibration
  • No heating of blades
  • Many length settings
  • Premium and ergonomic design
  • Fast charging
  • Pretty long run-time
  • Waterproof
  • Lightweight
  • Cheap and reliable
  • Maintenance-free


  • No integrated vacuum


Amazon India LogoBuy on Amazon

As the main objective is to show you the best trimmer with titanium blades, this Hatteker Men’s trimmer is fitting best in the 1st position out of 2 in this article. In the box, you will get a trimmer with a 5V charger including the USB cable, 6 guide comb, 1 precision dial ranges from 3 to 8mm, and a cleaning brush with an oil bottle. In addition to that, the blades tunable from 0.5 to 2.5mm with 0.5mm of precision. Such a mechanism you won’t find in the most waterproof trimmer. The design is so premium and ergonomic. The outer surface pretty shines and feels enough-rough. So, you don’t need to worry about getting it slipped from your hand. Furthermore, this Hatteker trimmer is also pretty lightweight, which makes you feel comfortable throughout the use.

The run-time to the full-charging-time ratio for this trimmer is almost 100%, which is impressive. You will get almost 2 hours of cordless use after charging it for 2 hours with 5V charger provided in the box. However, it’s to note that you can’t use it corded. If you’re looking for hybrid-use grooming machine, here is the 10 best corded and cordless trimmer to buy in India. When it comes to the beard and hair cut experience, it’s phenomenal. For a beard cut, you can use the precision comb that will give you a beard cut in 3 to 8mm with 0.5mm precision. To get a nearly full shave, just use this Hatteker waterproof trimmer without any comb. Without any comb, it gives you a 0.5mm beard cut. And, for a haircut, you can use any of the 6 combs that give you a maximum of 24mm length. The very interesting thing is that this trimmer remains silent and vibrates pretty below-average throughout the use.

And, its self-sharpening titanium and ceramic blades don’t get heated even after continuous use of 1.5 hours. It’s because the blades are not made of stainless steel. Furthermore, the blades are hypo-allergenic and have rounded corners to make smooth contact with the skin. This way, you won’t feel irritation during or after use. One thing I forget to mention is that you just need to plug-in the charger for 3 minutes to get a quick use. So, under Rs 3000, it’s pretty useful beard trimmer to buy. Lastly, it has no integrated vacuum to suck your cut hair. If you’re looking for a trimmer with integrated vacuum, here are the best you must look around.

See the full unboxing and review of this Hatteker trimmer in the YouTube video.

Hatteker Men’s Grooming Kit full unboxing and review.

2. Groomiist PT-222 Beard Trimmer for Men

The best beard styler for the long run for travellers!

Groomiist PT-222 Beard Trimmer for Men. The best for long-lasting cordless trimmer with titanium blades.
Groomiist PT-222 Beard Trimmer for Men. The best for long-lasting cordless trimmer. (Image Credit: Groomiist)


Use: Cordless only. Run time: Nearly 5 hours after a full charge. Battery: 1 battery but not removable. Full charge in just 3 hours by 5V charger. 3 minutes of charging time for quick use. Length settings: 12mm Max. 4 adjustable length settings – 1.0/1.3/1.6/1.9mm. It comes with 2 combs. The one has lengths 3 and 6mm and another has 9mm and 12mm. The lowest length is 1.0mm. Ideal for: Men. Usable for beard and hair only. Blades: Titanium blades (fixed) + Ceramic blades (moving). Weight: 216 grams. Water resistance: No. Status Indicators: An LCD panel for both charging and battery status.


  • Fast-charging
  • Very high run-time
  • Silent hair cut
  • Premium and ergonomic design
  • No blades’ heating
  • Reliable
  • Lightweight
  • Below-average vibration


  • Not waterproof
  • No integrated vacuum


Amazon India LogoBuy on Amazon

The Groomiist PT-222 is itself a remarkable device among the other grooming machines. It’s available at Rs 3,500 on Amazon India with 2 years of warranty. In the box, you will get 2 combs, an oil bottle, a brush, and a 5V charger in addition to the PT-222 trimmer. The whole plastic body doesn’t allow the device to slip from hand despite having a plain outer surface. This trimmer is blessed with two unique blades – The titanium and ceramic. In this trimmer, titanium blades are fixed whereas the ceramic blades are moving. As a result, you won’t feel them heated even after long time continuous use. It also won’t create irritation on the skin because blades are not over-sharp. During the haircut, you won’t get disturbed because of silent operation. In addition to that, they are self-sharpening. Furthermore, the corded use offers pretty freedom of use, but on the con side, the device will surely go out of power once the battery dies.

The ratio of run-time to full-charge-time is out of range. It’s almost 167% – Quite a massive. This ratio tells you the amount of service trimmer gives you in returns to its charging. One little downside is noted towards its non-detachable head, because, you won’t be able to wash the blades with water. The electric motor of this machine doesn’t produce very low-level vibration to ensure that you can hold this trimmer very comfortably. Furthermore, it has an LCD panel which although looks like placed for advertising purpose but does offer a good experience since it displays battery and charging status. Lastly, it has no integrated vacuum to suck your cut hair. Here are the best trimmers with integrated vacuum to buy at cheap price.

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